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About Soprano

“People gather only in fun places”

We hope that you will enjoy our delicious food, drinks, and enjoyable conversations with people and the breathtaking ocean view in front of you. That’s all, because people only gather in fun places.

“Excellently delicious”

We hope to create a high quality time together with our customers and make it a restaurant that will be remembered by everyone.




– Bouillabaisse set menu –

Bouillabaisse set

4,000 yen
(Tax included)

– Matsusaka Beef meal –


~ Lunch Course ~

Matsusaka Beef meal

5800 yen
(Tax included)

【Reservations required】

– Bouillabaisse meal –


~ Lunch Course ~

Bouillabaisse meal

5,800 yen
(Tax included)

【Reservations required】

– Matsusaka Beef and Bouillabaisse meal –


~ Special Course ~

Matsusaka Beef and Bouillabaisse meal

12,000 yen
(Tax included)

【Reservations required】



I visited the soprano for lunch when I went on a family trip from Osaka to Mie. It was very easily accessible from Osaka. The restaurant has a breathtaking location with a panoramic view of the sea. We were lucky with the weather and I felt excited. The food was very delicious, it was even more beautifully decorated, and I was very satisfied with both sight and taste.

Customer A, woman, 40s from Osaka

I made a reservation for my wife's birthday. The food was delicious. I was very happy that there was a birthday message on the dessert plate.

Customer B, Man, 30s from Tsu-shi

I visited Soprano with a friend. The seats I was guided to had an exquisite view of the sea, which made me feel very relaxed. The food was very particular about the ingredients, and I was extremely impressed. The dessert was a parfait using fruits made on their own farm, which was also enjoyable.

Customer C, Woman, 50s from Suzuka-shi



Store Information

“Soprano” is located in “Nagisamachi” Mie prefecture, which opened as a maritime base connecting Mie prefecture and Chubu International Airport “Centrair” in Aichi prefecture on the opposite bank, which opened in 2005.

You can reach Nagisamachi in about 45 minutes from Centrair by crossing Ise Bay by high-speed boat. The Soprano is in a spectacular location with blue skies and calm blue waters in front of you. You can enjoy the chef’s heartfelt dishes using the special ingredients of Mie prefecture such as fresh seafood and its famous Matsusaka beef.

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